Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Expecting Miracles. . .

Dear Everyone,

As I wrote the subject line for this email I started to type in April instead of June. Basically things have just gone SO fast. My one-year-left mark is in 3 days. What??
So, some fun experiences this week. I told you about Robert and Jasmine in the last email. We hadn't been able to contact them since we saw them last, and we thought we would never find them again. Then last night we were driving to another appointment, all the way across town from where they had lived. I caught sight of a familiar figure and outfit in the yard of one of the trailers we were driving by. I did a double-take because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was Robert and Jasmine!!
 They were visiting a cousin, and were about to leave. The Lord put them right in our path. It was amazing. They are going to get baptized.
Also yesterday we had a member come out with us to go to some of our lessons. We ended up visiting the Vega family, a part-member family that Sister Clayton and I worked with for a while, and it was great! They let us in and we had a full-fledged lesson on following Christ. Hermano Rodriguez was so blunt and testified so strongly that Frank committed to coming to church! We tried for weeks to get him to even bring the family to church, but he would never come. Yesterday he asked what time church was and said he'd be there. It was an amazing experience of the miracle of member work. We also found probably the only member in the ward who has ever played water polo. It turns out he went to Colombian nationals in swimming. Sister Smaellie and I cracked up.
We also harvested a part-member family this week. The mom is a member, but hasn't been to church in a few years because she has a disabled daughter. We are going to start teaching the dad, and we are excited to see the blessings that living the gospel will bring to their family.
One more cool experience. We were out knocking doors and saw this guy putting branches in a dumpster. He was white (notable only because we try to talk to Latinos as much as possible), wearing an army cap and dog tags, ripped jean shorts and boots. We walked up to him, talked a bit, and told him that the Savior sent us there to leave a blessing with him. We followed him to his trailer and asked him what he needed from God. He broke down. His formerly ordered, prosperous life had fallen apart in the past few years and he just didn't know what to do anymore. We said the prayer and he literally asked us what he needed to do to make his life better. We answered some questions, left him a Book of Mormon, and arranged for him to have a ride to church on Sunday. The English Elders in that area will end up teaching him, but it was a blessing to have met him. It is incredible to see how the Lord prepares people to receive His Gospel, and I am so excited to see what his life will turn into as he comes closer to God.
Out of time but I love you all! We are expecting to see many miracles this week.
Hermana Houghton

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