Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Car Crash #2 & Loving Hialeah

From 15 July 2013

Hello everyone!!
So much happened this week that I have a sticky note full of things to write to you about. Get ready for the flood!
Tuesday after District training we were driving over to see if an investigator was home. Sister LeBaron looked left and right at the stop sign and didn't see anybody... but there was somebody. We were waiting there for a few hours, finishing up paperwork (with a SWAT guy in an undercover police car) and waiting for the tow truck. Eventually we got home, via the District Leaders. But before that happened, we gave a pass-along card to the tow-truck driver, P. When he got to the shop he met Elder Bare, the Senior Missionary who takes care of all the mission cars. He told Elder Bare that he'd felt something special the entire time he was towing our car, and got the information so he could go to church in his area!
At 5 we called J, whose baptism was scheduled for 6. He told us he was working and wouldn't be able to make it. So we got in the car with Sister Fletcher and Sister Hansen. They dropped off Sister Fletcher and I at the chapel so we could fill the font and get the church ready for a chapel tour if Jesus didn't come, because we'd invited lots of investigators to come to the baptism. Sister Hansen and Sister LeBaron drove over to talk to J. They bore testimony and got over his concerns, and he said he'd be there at 7. He arrived just after the second counselor in our bishopric, Hermano Gonzalez. They talked while we got the jumper and the baptismal record ready. And what do you know? They're first cousins who haven't seen each other in almost 50 years. Hermano Gonzalez confirmed him, and J is now a much more solid member than he might have been otherwise! So cool! It was an amazing day.
So we were on bike all this week. The first day was fabulous - we had a light rain, we went a long way, and we enjoyed every second of it. The days since have been a little more exciting. Trying to schedule everyone in, being sore, and getting soaking wet have all been on the agenda. There have been some really amazing miracles though. We've met two former investigators who want us to come back and teach them. We met this guy named R, who we stopped while he was biking too. He lives with his brother and doesn't want us to go over there, and he doesn't have a phone, so it's really hard to get in contact with him. But we've seen him four times this week at completely different places, and taught him, all on bikes. And he came to church and is getting baptized next week! We also meet some great people. We sang hymns with an older couple while we were trapped at an apartment building during a thunderstorm, and we prayed with and taught two sweet families who wouldn't let us go out in the rain, so we had to just stay and teach them!
I now have six months out on the field, as of today. This is crazy. But I am learning a ton every day. A new analogy that I came up with is about war. The fight with sin is real. We as members of the Lord's church are soldiers in His army. We missionaries are going out every day trying to find those who are already fighting on our side and then give them the resources to keep going - the tools, the uniform, and the support they need. I am excited to be out here, and loving it!
I love you all!!
Hermana Houghton
P.S. Sorry, the internet isn't working fast enough to include pictures today! I have lots to put in, but you'll just have to imagine a lovely wrecked car, Hermano Gonzalez and J, and a soaking wet missionary. Next time!
P.P.S. And another miracle - the airbags didn't go off in the accident. If they had we would be looking at a lot more problems. Sister Anderson still had us go to a doctor just to make sure nothing was wrong, but I'm just glad we were protected!

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