Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another Me In the World and Warrior Womens of God

Clouds in Florida
Hello dear family and friends!

Sister Ware and Sister LeBaron switched places.
I miss that girl!
I have some disturbing news to tell you... there is another me in the world. Yep, you heard me right. My new companion Sister Ware and I are basically the same person. And let me tell you, that has boosted my self-confidence through the roof, because she is amazing! We have a ton of fun together and get a lot done. We tend to say the same things at the same time a lot though, which can be awkward when we're teaching a lesson.
Some highlights from this week...
Late on Tuesday night (okay, it was only 8:45, but by that time we're pretty much dead :) we didn't have time to go to another appointment so we went to buy gas near our house. As the gas was pumping I felt like I should go talk to a lady who had just gotten out of her car on the other side of the pump. I was going to offer her a card and invite her to be baptized, but as I talked to her the words came out of my mouth wrong. Instead of saying "Jesus Christ sent us here to give you a special invitation," I said, "Jesus Christ sent us here to give you a special blessing." We left a powerful prayer with T and her 16-year-old son A. On Wednesday night, we went to have a lesson with them. T told us that she knew that God had sent us because before we drove up she had a blinding headache. When she briefly opened her eyes and saw us, it receded so that she could think again and she got out to breathe fresh air. After the blessing it went away entirely.
It turns out that she and her family have been looking for a church to go to after their old Baptist church went under. She has been wanting her 13-year-old daughter E to get baptized, and she feels a need to be part of a church. Angel has been attending Catholic school and thinking seriously about joining the Catholic church. They accepted baptism whole-heartedly and were excited to learn more.
Fast-forward to Sunday. Amid school preparations we weren't able to see them between Wednesday and Sunday besides a drop-by to give the kids English Books of Mormon, and once when we sang a hymn with their disabled grandmother who was out on the porch while they were gone one evening. We went by the house on Sunday morning to remind them about church, and were so happy when A came into the broadcast of stake conference. Sadly the other two were busy, but he was there. All during the broadcast, which was a bit fuzzy and didn't have great sound (plus it was in translated Spanish and he prefers English), I was praying that he would feel the Spirit. Well, he did! President and Sister Anderson and Elder Craig A. Cardon of the 70 helped :) Right after it ended, I turned to him and asked how he felt (really good), and then how he felt about preparing for baptism next Sunday. He started nodding his head and kept on repeating, "Yes, I want to." I asked him why and he just continued to say that he wanted to get baptized next week. It was awesome. I love seeing that there are people out there who are really searching for the truth, who have faith in God and act on promptings of the Spirit when they hear it.
Speaking of which, P. She is a member referral from two members in another ward. She actually lives in yet another ward's boundaries, but she wants to attend our ward (we actually don't know why, but she's been rather insistent). She's in her 20s or early 30s, recently divorced, and fairly recently arrived from Honduras. Her friend gave her a Book of Mormon when she had been having a hard time, and she loves it. We've had amazing lessons with her, she really recognizes the Spirit (she always wants to meet in the chapel because she loves how it feels to be there), and she told us that she knows God sent us to give her this message. During stake conference she was sitting next to Sister Ware, and a few minutes into the last talk she leaned over and, after pausing for a second, told Sister Ware, "Me quiero bautizar," or "I want to get baptized" !! After the broadcast she asked us if she could get baptized next week. The women in the ward have embraced her, and we are so excited to see how much the gospel will bless and change her life as it becomes part of her.
We may have gotten a text from a former investigator (we stopped seeing him because he wasn't progressing) that said, "I need warrior womens of God by my side, i got big challens in my future."
Oh the life of a missionary. I love you all!!!
Hermana Houghton
Sister Quiocho (Sister Ware's trainer) and Sister Clayton
are companions and Sister Training Leaders.
They're our mission moms.

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