Monday, October 14, 2013

As I Give It My All, The Lord Will Provide The Miracles

Happy Columbus Day!

Dear Family,

I love you!! Sorry this is coming later than usual - we didn't realize until a few hours ago that it was Columbus day, and the library was closed! So we have a shortened email time on the end of p-day, at our ward mission leader's house. 

This week has been kind of weird... but hey! It's all good. I am really excited because Elder Oaks is going to come speak at a mission conference this Saturday

This week I have been struggling with something I like to call socialism, which is one side-effect of having a companion who is just too cool. I realized that I talk so much, and am so extroverted all day everyday (including 24/7 with Sister Ware), that my introverted side starts kicking and screaming. Yesterday after a normal Sunday filled with phone-calls, drop-bys, greetings at church, etc. I didn't want to even look at another person, let alone talk to one! Happily I got over it fairly quickly and we met and taught some super-cool people, but it was interesting thinking about how much I am having conversation every day. 

This week we continued to follow up with P and W, and they are amazing! Both of them have now finished the Book of Mormon and are integrating into the ward, reading the priesthood manuals and making friends. 

A really cool experience we had this week was with L and J, the couple that I told you about last week. They have latched onto the idea of marriage, and are looking into all of their options to get married soon. We had a lesson with them this week and were teaching about repentance and the purpose of our life here on earth. J looked over at L and A and told us that these two women were his world, and that L was the love of his life. It was a far cry from his hesitancy to get married only a week ago! They came to church for the second time on Sunday, and L told the whole relief society about how she had gone to other churches but had never felt full and satisfied there. The BOSS relief society teacher asked her how she felt now, and she said simply, "happy." ("feliz")

We're teaching a less-active recent convert and his girlfriend. She has not been open to the church in the past because she feels like her boyfriend went behind her back in being baptized, and his original missionaries focused largely on him, not on her. We've been working to help her open up and feel comfortable (otherwise she can't feel the spirit anyway!) and she's been responding, even inviting a friend to listen to us. It helps that I can relate to being a swimmer (when she was younger, in Nicaragua) and having knee problems :)

I was reading Mosiah 2 this morning and learned several things that really apply to missionary life. In verse 11, when King Benjamin recognizes the source of all his "might, mind, and strength" - the Lord. He goes on to say that his whole frame is trembling. He knows the Lord is supporting him, and he gives it all he has, even though he doesn't feel like he has much strength at that time.

In Luke 5:5, Simon tells the Lord that they have given their all to fishing - they've been toiling all night, and they've even cleaned their nets. Yet he says, "at thy word I will let down the net." And it is when they are at their weakest, at the very end of their strength, that they see the miracles, in both cases. King Benjamin speaks by the Holy Ghost and his whole people are touched by the Spirit. Simon Peter fills the whole boat with fish, and then leaves to follow the Savior. I know that as I give it all I have and a little bit more, the Lord will provide the miracles.



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  1. Enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work. We're praying for you and your investigators.

    Tim (the Anti-Llama)