Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Trainer--Welcome Sister Smaellie!

 Three generations: Sister Clayton, me, and Sister Smaellie

Dear Everyone,

The twin towers :)
Sorry, I have very little time this week. My new companion is Sister Smaellie (pronounced Smaylee). She is 21, from Tooele, UT, and awesome. She has a wonderfully strong testimony and a focus on the Restoration. Our minds work alike in many ways, and she learns and accepts the ways of our mission like lightning. We have the same priorities and focci, and she is willing to work hard and keep going when the going's tough. She has some of the same questions and concerns that I did when I came out, but has gotten over them about ten times faster :) She's 6'1" and is a water polo player, swimmer, and lifeguard. She's serious and has a dry sense of humor. Basically perfect.
Being a trainer isn't as scary as I thought it would be. The biggest challenge is getting over my own preoccupation that it will be hard, and still realizing that it's the Lord's work and I don't have to make sure everything's perfect. I really love how training has helped me to put my focus more on others than myself - it helps a lot in having the Spirit!

<3 HH


Me, Sister Smaellie, Sister Clayton, and
her new trainee, Sister Moody

Sister Clayton and I together one last time :(
We didn't even plan the matching outfits
 Elder Rodriguez is from Sonora, Mexico.
It may have been somewhat awkward
when I basically just walked up
and told him I wanted a picture
with him, but so worth it...
And I actually did explain why later.

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