Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Miami Beach English. . .a sad name for a Spanish-called missionary!

Recent convert P on his front porch
Dear everyone,

Hello! I love you all! I am staying in the newly-renamed area of Miami Beach English (a sad name for a Spanish-called missionary) for the next 5 weeks (a short transfer to even out MTC departure times) but Sister Albrecht will be leaving tomorrow. Also, fun news. I'm going to be a grandma!  Sister Smaellie is going to get a brand-new trainee at transfers!
This week we had an AMAZING stake conference. It was actually a bigger-than-stake conference with 48 stakes in the southeastern US participating via broadcast on Sunday morning. Sister McConkie of the YW general presidency, Elders Kopischke and Gay of the 70, and Elder Nelson of the 12 all spoke to us. It was bomb. They basically taught the entirety of all the lessons we teach to investigators over the course of two hours, with more to spare! I particularly liked Sister McConkie's talk on commandments (keeping the commandments helps us to know the truth, be happy, and prepare to be with God again) and Elder Nelson's talk on doctrine (9 main facets of the doctrine of God are the Godhead, the Plan of Salvation, the Atonement, the pattern of Dispensation, apostasy, and restoration, prophets and revelation, Priesthood and priesthood keys, ordinances and covenants, marriage and family, and commandments). I was so grateful I was living worthy to have the Spirit with me to get so much out of the conference.
All the full-time missionaries in our stake also got to go to the Saturday night session of stake conference... and we're in the same stake as Hialeah!! I got to sit by Sister Ware and her companion and see many familiar faces from Hialeah. Hermano Villeta teared up when he saw me :) and I was just as happy to see the Villetas, the Marreros, and others.
We have some really cool investigators, including P's sister E. She had never wanted to sit down with us before, but yesterday she sat in on our lesson, in which we were just going to read 1 Nephi 1 with P, because his eyes are bad and he can't read on his own. By the end of the lesson we had taught about the Godhead, all the factors of the Restoration, spiritual gifts, repentance, prayer, and obedience to God. Phew! But she is now super solid to be baptized on February 9, so it's amazing!
T and A are also very cool. However, I am out of time to write about them so keep them and us all in your prayers. I love you all!

S lives in his car and hangs out at the church.
We went by and he gave us some fresh coconut water. Supa cool!

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