Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If People Will Just Open Their Hearts and Act, God Steps In!

Dear family, friends, and everyone,

This from President Anderson's email to us this week:

"Dear Missionaries,
Remember I said we need to keep preparing for the Prophets! We will have the blessing of a Missionary Conference on Saturday, April 19th at the Coral Springs Chapel at 2:30 to 4:30. We will be taught by Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Council of the Twelve Apostles. We will also have Bishop Gary E. Stevens of the Presiding Bishopric, Elder Erich W. Kopischke of the First Quorum of the Seventy and Elder Stephen E. Thompson of the Seventy attending as well. Prepare diligently for this blessing and I will give you additional details later this week."

Whoa!! I am excited :)

In other news, I will unbelievably be moving to a new area tomorrow! I was shocked when we heard during transfer calls. Sister Sanchez will be training a new greenie and I will let you know next week where I end up going and who my companion will be. Oh, and btw Sister Ware is staying in Hialeah until the end of her mission! That makes 7 transfers there. Crazy sauce. 

David got confirmed this week. And it was such a spiritual experience for him. He has been getting powerful spiritual witnesses of the truth of the gospel the entire time we have been teaching him, and it is so rewarding as a missionary to see how much the gospel changes lives! David has such a testimony that it is surprising to me. I know that all these things are true, but every time I see someone go from not knowing or believing it to really embracing it and believing with all of their hearts it is a huge miracle to me. If people will just open their hearts and act, God steps in. 

And from the scriptures...

We had a comp study with our district leader this week where we talked about Nephi's successes and failures. The biggest thing that Nephi attempted to do which didn't turn into a success was his effort to convert his brothers. I know about agency and personal choice, but I made a realization. My entire mission I've been thinking that if I'm better, if I'm more Christlike and converted and faithful and spiritual and a better missionary, then more people will listen and be converted. And yes, my personal conversion and my actions definitely affect those I teach and contact. But somehow it touched my heart as we talked and read about Nephi that it doesn't all rest on me. I know that, but I guess it hadn't really sunk in. I realized that even Christ, our perfect example, full of faith and charity and the Spirit, didn't convert everyone he talked to. It was a good, hope-inducing learning experience.

Sorry I'm short on details this week - not too much happened that's super-notable, and the pictures should give some details about photo-worthy moments! I love you! Send me mail please, and thanks to those of you who have!

Sister Sanchez and I at steak'n'shake
awaiting our Jamaican jerk burgers...

Sisters Baumann and Furner too :)

What our reception tent at the temple looks like,
 from the front. In the back are a bunch of people from
West Palm who were helping out in the Spanish tent that day :)

A very sun-streaked picture of the TV we watch the temple
intro video on - 12 minutes long and we could probably quote it!

Sister Baumann is a fabulous hairdresser and cut our hair
the other night! I like it.

She also got new pink nail polish this week from her sister
and painted all of our nails. We stopped
by walgreens the other day to get some water
and got these instead... then we realized
halfway through drinking them that they had
green tea in them. Good thing we weren't teaching
any word of wisdom lessons that day!

Fresh coconuts from a pickup on the side of the road!
The guy selling them definitely chopped them up with a machete - so cool.

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