Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Working at the Temple Open House

Fort Lauderdale  Florida LDS Temple

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Dear Everyone,

This week we have been working at the temple open house! We were trained on Tuesday by Elder William Walker of the temple committee, then our group of sisters was at the temple the very next day to help out with VIP tours! We are stationed in the tents before the actual tour begins and we show a short video and give them the shpiel about turning off cameras and saving questions until the hospitality tent at the end (there are also sisters stationed there; we get our turn next Monday). It's fun! 

We had a shift yesterday as well, so that's why this email is coming out a bit late, sorry (and I will be there for the next two Mondays as well). But while I was there I saw a lot of people working in the open house who are from West Palm, which was great! Hermano Davila, Cesar Canales, a few ladies from the ward whom I only knew by their faces... We were working primarily in an English tent, but we got to show the video a few times in the Spanish tent. J (Recent Convert from Hialeah) came through too but I didn't see him :( Ah well, at least he was there!

It has been so wonderful working at the temple this week! The first day was tiring because we spent most of our time waiting, but yesterday I took the chance to study my scriptures in between groups and during the video and it was great. I learned a lot, was less tired and more awake, and I had the Spirit more strongly.

One thing I realized yesterday is that although we can't proselyte with our words, we can certainly proselyte with the Spirit that we radiate, and people at the open house will feel it. So yesterday after the open house Sister Sanchez and I talked about this and made a plan to, before every group that comes through, say a prayer with all of the ushers/tour guides in our tent that the people who come will be touched by the Spirit. Anyway, hoping that will help us fulfill our purpose!

After a lesson on Sunday Sister Sanchez was talking to some of our members while waiting to back me out in the car. There was a man right next to our car waiting for his son who was riding his bike around the parking lot. We have been making an effort to get everyone in the world to the temple, so I gave him a temple open house invitation. This started the conversation of what a temple is, as opposed to a chapel. He told me he had seen a temple in Honduras, years ago, but hadn't been able to go inside because he wasn't a member. He had gone to church a few times with his friends, and he is excited to meet with us and learn more about how he can become a member! 

I loved the Women's Conference this week and greatly admired the women from our ward who came and watched it.. in English. They are amazing. We also had a RS activity this week that was great :) And we had three investigators come!

One thing that I loved this week in the Book of Mormon is the Lord's command to the prophet Samuel in Helaman 13. He tells Samuel to "prophesy whatsoever things should come into his heart." I really like how specific he is. Heart, not mind. So I've been working this week on following the Spirit by saying the things that come into my heart, not just into my mind.

Ok, I'm out of time. But I love you all!!

<3 HH

Fancy Hair with just a little coloring thanks to
Sister Bauman.
Cool braid that Sister Baumann taught me to do...
when they told us that we needed to look
our best for the open house, hair and makeup,
we all turned and looked at her.
 Beach day last P-day. Deerfield park beach! Just doesn't
have the same ring as Miami beach...
Dreds, dude!

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