Monday, December 30, 2013

Cuban Bold!

Dear Family,

It was so good to talk with all of you on Christmas! I'm glad everyone is feeling better and hope New Years is just as good! Sorry, I don't have a lot of time today but I will write this afternoon! And a couple of experiences :) I can't send pics from the library we use here, but will try to figure out a way to send some in the next few weeks.

On Saturday
 nothing was working out. Nobody was home, nobody was answering our phone calls, and the YW member we had out with us was getting bored. 

A "finding skirt?"
So I put on my finding skirt (not pants, because that's not allowed ;) and talked to everybody! I opened my mouth like a crazy lady and felt the Spirit in every encounter. I remember the testimony of a leaving elder months ago, where he said that finding is the heart and the fire of everyday missionary work. As we share simple and powerful testimony of God's love for each one of His children and our own role as representatives of Jesus Christ we get to see so many miracles, and we are truly instruments in the hands of God. We met a man outside as he was rushing to work. He was very open to receiving a prayer, and was excited to be baptized. But he wasn't going to be able to go to church the next day because of prior commitments. Then five minutes later he called us and said he would be able to church and could we please give him the address and time? (We'd given him the card for the new branch, so he didn't have the info for the ward where we met yesterday)

So the culture change hasn't been as drastic as I thought it would be... More of a problem is my tendency to retreat back into my pre-mission anti-social shell, because it's all in English! But I realized that what I really need to do to be bold is become Cuban! I've told you a little before about Cuban culture, but what it boils down to is talking a lot, really fast, not letting anybody else cut in, being super excited about everything, and being just a wee bit stubborn. It's working like a charm :) Once Cuba opens up for missionary work we might have some great elders and sisters coming from there!

In the scriptures this week I loved reading JJacob 2:21, about keeping the commandments. When we are obedient we are glorifying God, showing our love and gratitude, and fulfilling the measure of our creation. And we are all equal in our need to adopt a spirit of obedience. Matthew 23:23 has been a huge influence as well. I know that as I cultivate a spirit of obedience I will be closer to the Lord, I will improve and become what God wants me to be, and I will be able to influence others for good by the Spirit and out of love for them.

I am learning and growing every day, and looking forward to the future with faith! I love you all oh so much! Write to me?
Sister Houghton

My new comp :)  in front of our house!
(Note from Mom:  I'm not sure HH sent the picture she thought she did,
because this looks like her previous companion.  We shall see in future pictures!)

R and his new puppy  ...soooo cute!

 Ward Christmas party, you'll never guess who decided to sing a English!
:)  Hno quinones is the best!

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  1. I love the "Finding skirt." I think I'll have skirt day every week and remember to find. I don't get out much, but when I wear my skirt I'll try the library, grocery store and an errand or two. You never know!