Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Already!

From 2 December 2013

Remember our mission's finding method? :)

Dear Family,

YOU SENT ME A MOTAB VERSION OF THE MESSIAH!!! That makes me SO HAPPY! When I realized that it was on the mini-sd I was thrilled! The whole set-up is fantastic, and I will be sending a picture next p-day :)

I cannot believe that it is December already! Sister Ware and I passed our six month mark on Thanksgiving day, and it was a bit of a shock... Speaking of which, we did have turkey and stuffing and sweet potatoes, healthy style (just not right for Thanksgiving, but I'm very grateful for the lovely ward member who tried to give us a taste of home :) and then each had a mini pumpkin pie that we bought at Walmart. I was a little bit jealous of the 25 pies and 3 turkeys that I hear were at the family reunion, but with a ward that fed us 12 times this week I think we're pretty well off.

This week was rather disappointing in terms of missionary work - the second Sunday in a row without new investigators at Sacrament meeting, and working hard but not seeing a lot of results. All in the Lord's time though, and we're continuing to be diligent and patient.

I'm working hard to get Christmas cards sent off, so I'll use the 15 minutes left in P-day for that. Love you all!!

Hermana Houghton

Bananas! And we found another, smaller branch
that's ready to be harvested as well!
A white hedgehog! The pet of a member in our ward
From Sister Espinoza's wall - I love it.
Sister Ware's Thanksgiving package... it arrived two days late
but we definitely made the turkeys anyway :)
 Yes, mine is closely related to some of the long-beaked waterfowl in Florida

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