Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kind of Crazy and Way Out of Time!

From 24 March 2014
In the car--Hermanas Houghton and Sanchez

Dear everyone,

Sorry if this email is short and ooc. I am signing up for classes and applying for housing while I do this so things are kind of crazy. 

This week was great! We kept up with our positive goals and got coconut ice cream after 5 new investigators by Friday. This coming week it's 5 people set with baptismal dates by Friday

Speaking of people set with baptismal dates, we are teaching an amazing guy named D. He's the son of two recent converts and is loving everything. Both of our lessons with him have been really, really powerful and Spirit-filled.  He is set for a baptismal date this coming Sunday!

The M family has hit some roadblocks but will hopefully be able to overcome them soon! On Wednesday we went over and arrived just in time to see a neighborhood guy pulling their doberman off of the M' grandma, Hermana R. Her dog (Duke) had gotten out and attacked a girl (no serious injury, but bit her a few times) and so Hermana R had tried to pull Duke off the girl. Duke had turned and bitten her arm, subsequently breaking her wrist quite badly. She went to the hospital with her daughter shortly thereafter. We were able to help with translating for animal control and getting everything under control, but I was sad that my lifeguarding skills didn't prepare me to splint a wrist when there weren't any spare sheets, handkerchiefs, or large shirts.. I was going to try with an apron but her wrist was hurting her pretty badly and her daughter was almost there to take her to the hospital anyway...

Ok, way out of time. Love you all!


P.S. We received notice last night via my brother's wife, Jill, that her parents had seen HH helping with tours at the Fort Lauderdale Temple Open House.  It will be fun to hear her report on that next week!  HH's Mom

Weekly planning lipstick party
Facial mask party

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